Due to a different RO feed water ionic composition, it is necessary a proper lab analysis. As a result, different types of scale may deposit on the membranes if the correct antiscalant and/or dosage is not used.


To provide optimum operating conditions for both Sea and Brackish Water RO plants, It is imperative to select the correct antiscalant. Correct product application in the RO feed water is critical to ensure the plant optimum operational performance as possible and reduce the overall costs through energy savings, reduced cleaning frequency and extending the life of the membranes.



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    Main Application

    Sea Water

    Genesys LF

    Large systems, first and second pass, partial recycling.

    Potable use - NSF/UKDWI

    Genesys LS

    Small / Medium Systems

    Potable use - NSF/UKDWI

    Genesys SW

    Phosphorous free

    Genesys CAS

    High sulphate

    Genesys MG

    Second pass (Brackish water portion of boron), high pH, high recovery

    Brackish water

    Genesys LF

    Broad spectrum, stressed water

    Potable use - NSF/UKDWI

    Genesys CAS

                       High Calcium Sulphate                               

    Strontium Sulphate

    Genesys SI

    High silica feed

    Genesys PHO

    High phosphate

    Genesys RC

    Systems incorporating concentrate recycle for small systems

    Genesys WB

    Mains feed water.

    Contains dechlorinator to prevent membrane oxidation

    Genesys MP

    Broad spectrum, large municipal plant.

    Potable use - NSF approved

    Genesys BS

    Broad spectrum, large municipal plant

    Potable use - NSF approved

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